Zoek een ergotherapeut in uw provincie of gemeente via onze Ergotherapie Vlaanderen

The  organisation of the Dutch-speaking Belgian Occupational Therapists, "Ergotherapie Vlaanderen" (EV) s a part of the “Nationale Federatie van Ergothera-
rapeuten /Fédération Nationale Belge des Ergothérapeutes (NBFE -FNBE)” toge-
ther with the  French-speaking Belgian “Association des Ergothérapeutes (AE)”

The NBFE-FNBE represents the Belgian Occupational Therapists in some national
and international organizations. Regional matters are directly considered by the
VE and the AE.

Ergotherapie Vlaanderen is
- an active member of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT),
  the Council of Occupational Therapists in the European
  Countries (COTEC) and the European Network of occupational Therapy in
  Higher Education (ENOTHE).
- participating in the activities/projects  of many organisations within (national
  and worldwide) education, health care and well-being.

The objectives of EV are:
- promotion and development of Occupational Therapy : art, science and
- support and protection of the profession and of the individual interests of its

This website intends to be a forum where Occupational Therapists and OT
students can inform, meet and exchange.
Some information on the web is only available for members of Ergotherapie Vlaaanderen.

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To become a VE member, click here

To write to the VE: info@ergotherapie.be
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