Zoek een ergotherapeut in uw provincie of gemeente via onze Ergotherapie Vlaanderen
The OT OT wishing to work in Belgium is no citizen of a country of the 

EU, but did obtain the OT degree within the EU

These communities.

Flemmish Community:
Depertement of Education
Higher Education Administration
Hendrik Cosciencegebouw
Toren A7
Koning Albert 2-laan 15
B- 12010 Brussels

T  (+32) 2 553 98 19
F   (+32) 2 553 98 05


Once the foreign OT has obtained their equality of their degree, certificate or OT title, the General Directory Basic Health Care and Crisis Management, department Health Care Professions of the FOD
Haelth, Food Safety and Environment needs to be contacted. The application will be according to article 49bis of the KB nr 78 of 10 november 1967 requiring the execution of health care  professions.
Once the file has been approved a declaration to be able to apply for a RIZIV number will be issued.

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